Helping businesses achieve their goals by making their users’ lives easier.

Hi, I'm Doug Leonardo, a product designer with almost two decades of experience across digital, product, brand and graphic design.

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Versatile designer and experienced leader for fast-paced environments, from startups to large orgs

With almost twenty years of experience, I've helped organizations and teams from various industries and sizes building end-to-end solutions with consistent, functional and technically feasible interfaces and user journeys that add value for both users and businesses.

With solid fintech expertise, I've founded the UX team that built the entire design of a Brazilian digital bank

For five years and from 0 to 1, I was responsible for both creation of the UX team and the design of Modalmais (now part of XP Inc.).

Starting as a "team of one", I built the entire UX foundation of the digital bank. After that, I had the opportunity to start and grow the team who proudly helped Modal become a successful case in the financial industry of Brazil.

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In the last 8-ish years, I've been leading design teams focusing on climbing up the ladder of the UX maturity

As a leader, I strive to maintain a continuous process improvement (design ops) and to cultivate a healthy, diverse, collaborative and high-performing environment.

At Modalmais, as our UX maturity grew, we became a team of twenty two talented product designers, researchers, writers and UI designers.

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Worked in product and marketing teams as an UX expert

At Multiplus (Rewards/Loyalty), Rico (Investments) and Locaweb (IT/Hosting) I had the opportunity to improve my UX skills working in marketing and digital product teams and contributed in relevant projects and initiatives.

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And more 10+ years as graphic and web designer background

Most of this time, I was a one-person team of design at Insite, a SaaS and hosting solutions company. Besides that, I've worked as a freelancer, design consultant and also teaching web design at SENAC-SP.

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UX and UI specialist, NN/g certified with an extensive background in design

Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified

Two decades working as a designer

Holds two design degrees

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Solid expertise covering the entire process of user experience and product design

From concept to release, I work with and lead teams of designers to understand user needs and ensure we design and deliver the best possible digital product experiences while meeting business objectives.

Analysis and Understanding

Insights gathering from the business and user perspective to define the problem after researching it in depth. Also, metrics analysis of existing designed solutions.

Ideation and Prototyping

Creation of wireframes and prototypes collaboratively with users, the team, and stakeholders to address usability issues and meet users' needs.

Tests and

Usability tests plan and execution, gathering feedbacks to continuously improve the design until the solution satisfies both business and user needs.

Interaction and Visual Design

Information architecture refinements, creation and maintenance of style guides and design systems, or final visual design, working closely with dev teams.