Hi! I’m Doug Leonardo.
I help businesses achieve their goals by making their users’ lives easier through UX design.

User experience, usability and interface design

From concept to release, I lead teams of product designers, UX researchers and UX writers, working with dev teams and stakeholders to understand user needs and ensure we deliver the best possible digital product experiences while meeting business objectives.

Analysis and Understanding

Insights gathering from business and users points of view. Inside data are gathered and quantitative and qualitative user researches are conducted.

Ideation and Prototyping

Wireframes and prototypes are created (also co-created with users and/or the team and stakeholders) as possible solutions for usability issues and users' needs.

Tests and

Prototypes created are tested with real users and the feedbacks are used to continuously improve the design until the solution satisfies both business and user needs.

Interaction and Visual Design

Information architecture refinements, creation and maintenance of style guides and design systems, or final visual design, working closely with dev teams.

More details about my process, tools and techniques used will be available soon.