Hi! I'm Doug.

I'm a 39 year old Brazilian designer, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about my journey as a designer.

For nearly twenty years, I've helped organizations achieve their goals through website and mobile app design, with a focus on improving the user experience.

I'm a Nielsen Norman Group certified UX/UI Design Specialist, hold two design degrees and have a solid expertise covering the entire process of digital product design from discovery to delivery, as well as leading UX and design teams.

With solid fintech expertise, for the last five years, I was responsible for both creation of the UX team and the design of Modalmais, a digital bank recently acquired by XP Inc., one of the biggest in the financial sector in Brazil. 

Before that, I accumulated extensive experience in product and marketing teams as a UX/UI designer and leader.

Additionally, my background in graphic and web design has equipped me with a keen eye for visual aesthetics, user-centric solutions, as well as some front-end coding skills.

My journey as a designer

For more details, feel free to review my CV or connect with me on LinkedIn:

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