Hi! I'm Doug Leonardo

I'm a 38 year old Brazilian designer born and raised in Sao Paulo, who likes a good coffee and enjoys playing the guitar while is not looking to any kind of screen. Also, likes to take pictures while travelling and collects beer bottle caps with his brother. :)


I've worked in traditional and agile environments for more than 18 years, applying frameworks, methods, and tools to create and improve digital products and user journeys. In addition, since 2016, I've been leading teams of product designers, visual designers, researchers, and ux writers.

In 2017, I attended the NN/g Conference in Miami, FL, where I obtained a Nielsen Norman Group UX certification. The course covered the fundamentals and best practices of user-centric design, user experience, usability, and mobile technology.

I have worked for companies in industries like hosting, IT solutions, bots / AI, investments, education and loyalty programs, such as: Insite, Senac, Multiplus, Rico and Locaweb.

Currently, I'm working as a UX Manager at Modalmais, a digital bank for people who want to invest better.

My background

I've been working with graphics, digital design, usability and information architecture since 2004, when I did my first undergraduate course, Multimedia Design, at Senac University. Since then, I've been focusing on keep updated about techniques and best practices in interaction design and usability.

In 2010, I undergraduate in Industrial Design at Mackenzie University and, a couple of years after that, started to think of ways to use Design Thinking and agile UX as a tool to help businesses improve their users experience.

Take a look at my recent work