The History of Graphic Design
based on Philip Meggs' book

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An infographic mapping for the History of Graphic Design based on the book written by Philip Meggs, the most complete and comprehensive on the subject. Developed in 2010 as a graduation project by the designer Doug Leonardo.

The project

The project purpose is to map the main aspects of the history of graphic design, addressed in the book "The History of Graphic Design", written by Philip Meggs, using the language of infographics.

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Browse the online version of the infographic and learn more about the relations between the events, styles, schools, and movements in the history of graphic design, explained in the Meggs' book.

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Free poster download

You can download the print version of the infographic of the history of graphic design. A super poster measuring 64,5 x 29,5 inches, available as a free PDF ready for printing.

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This is a translated version of the project, originally developed in Portuguese.
If you have any suggestions or find any problem in this English version, please let me know!

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